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I first discovered Yoga well before it was trendy, and before there were Yoga studios on every corner. My first teacher was a book. At the time I didn’t know about the beauty and depth of the Yoga Darshan (philosophy), I just knew that it was different from other fitness routines. I now know that the difference is that Yoga benefits the body, mind, and spirit and offers practical ways to make the best of this human experience.

Yoga is a lifestyle, a philosophy, a way of being. 

A genuine and consistent practice of Yoga can make your life a little easier, and make the wider world a little kinder.

After practising yoga for many years, I made the commitment to sharing my love of Yoga and the many benefits that it provides by becoming a certified Hatha Yoga instructor. I completed my 200 hour training in Hatha Yoga at Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, India and am registered with Yoga Alliance.

I offer private classes in many aspects of Yoga: Pranayama, Asanas, Meditation, Mantras. Let me work with you for a tailored programme.

Hari Om tat Sat


view of Ma Ganga and aarti preparations, Rishikesh

Yoga FAQ’s 

What is Yoga? Yoga is, according to Patanjali, ‘Chitta, Vritti, Nirodah’. Essentially, Yoga is the art and science of mental discipline by which the mind becomes cultured and matured’. In other words, Yoga is the calming of the disturbances of the mind so that the true self may be realized’. Controlling the mind and the body trough breathing (pranayam) and physical poses (asanas) allows us to see the true nature of the self, which is the soul or the spirit.
What are the eight limbs of yoga? Yamas, Niyams, Asana, Pranayama, Dharna, Dyanah, Pratyhara, Samadhi.

Can anyone practice Yoga? Short answer, yes! Yoga is for all ages and fitness levels. If you have specific mobility or medical issues, please consult your physician to insure that a yoga practice is safe for you. It is also most important that you inform the instructor of any pre-existing condition before starting a yoga practice. Medical issues aside, yoga is for every body.

Is Yoga a religion? No, it is not a religion. People of all belief systems practice yoga. The philosophy of Yoga is based on the tenet that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around. A comprehensive yogic practice including pranayama, asanas, adherence to the Maha Vratta (the Yamas and Niyamas) is a practical way to still the mind and come to a point of self-realization.

What are Mantras? Mantras are essentially prayers or hymns that address a higher being, some of them are named for Hindu deities which serve as archetypal attributes that we may wish to emulate, or be inspired by. If you follow a religion or ascribe to a spiritual tradition, you can freely substitute your own deity, images for those presented in the traditional mantras. For agnostics or atheists, you may choose to reflect on your own greatest good, your higher self. The repetition of mantras in a soothing melody helps to calm the chatter of the mind and bring harmony and calm to the spirit.

Who is the artist responsible for the image above? The lovely Justine Kerr created this inspiring work after attending my yoga and meditation classes!

What is your certification? I am registered with Yoga Alliance US as 200RYT.
Where did you do your Yoga Teacher Training? I completed my YTT at Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, India.

What is an ‘All Levels’ Yoga Class, and who is it good for?
This class is for every body: men, women, all ages, all levels of experience with Yoga.
I lead traditional Hatha Yoga with a decided Iyengar influence. Sanskrit terms are used with the English equivalent when available.
A thorough warm up insures safe practice. Every class will offer a variety of traditional postures (asanas) that strengthen and tone the body. Flexibility of the body and mind is developed. My classes always include mantras, pranayama, and a touch of Yoga Darshan. These form an integral part of a complete yogic practice.

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